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Come and Flow with Joe

Live classes and tailored personal sessions.

Classes are currently offered online via video calls. Personal tutor sessions are available online and in person but are subject to area availability and covid restrictions

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A Little Bit About Joe with the Flow

I have a long history of sport and fitness experience from youth county level basketball to University level American football. As such I have received sports instruction from many disciplines at several different levels. This has included martial arts and flexibility training as well as strength, power and hypertrophy training. With this background in sport/fitness I was introduced to yoga at university and instantly enjoyed it, this resulted in me starting practicing yoga a couple of times a week working up to daily practice (which now totals 3 years!).

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Relaxed informal and informative


Joe is a fantastic instructor! One to one he works with you at your pace and has a variety of flow styles. Joe-ga classes are a fun way to get back into bodyweight movements, he offers personal feedback to improve your flow posture and position. He was very welcoming and allowed me time to get less anxious and have the camera off for the first session but I soon realised how helpful his input was I joined in on camera.

Charleigh B

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